A World Without Racism is Grateful

Benefits of Gratitude for Yourself

Gratitude comes with many benefits. One of the benefits of gratitude is that it improves mental well-being. Did you know that when you express gratitude genuinely, even with a verbal thank you, your brain releases dopamine? This is known as the happy hormone, and it makes you feel content. That means that there is literal scientific evidence that gratitude is beneficial for us as humans. It is also scientifically proven that gratitude can get rid of sleep, anxiety, stress, and depression problems. How so? This is due to the fact that gratitude improves your quality of sleep, and as you sleep better and for more time, your anxiety levels go down, which reduces stress levels.

Another benefit of gratitude is that it is able to alleviate physical pain. There have been two studies conducted which proved that people who are grateful are more willing to take care of their health. In the 2003 Counting Blessings vs Burdens study, patients with physical pain had a reduction in their pain and symptoms as well as patients having an increase in motivation and willingness to work out for recovery. The 2012 study that was published in Personality and Individual Differences found similar findings as well.

Gratitude also has the benefit of being able to bring us closer to our loved ones. Research has shown that through gratitude we initiate and maintain our relationship and not just romantic relationships. That being said, one study found that when partners expressed their gratitude for each other, they felt positive towards each other and as a result were better able to voice their concerns, and they were more comfortable and open in their relationships. It is astonishing how a simple, heartfelt thank you can deepen your love and connection.

Yet another benefit of gratitude is that it makes you more productive in your career. In a workplace, gratitude can serve as a motivator and make the employees look after their obligations with more confidence and less stress attached. A study performed by researchers at Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania split participants into two different groups and had one group make phone calls by request donations as they usually would, but the second group got pep talks with a person telling them that they are grateful for the efforts. The findings showed that the people who received the pep talks hit 50% more calls. This shows that by showing gratitude, employees can increase the network.

Lastly, gratitude has the ability to open new doors. Similarly, to our previous blog, expressing your gratitude to a stranger has a lasting effect, but did you know that there was a study published in 2014 that found it can also help you make new friends? You can think of showing gratitude as an investment into long-term relationships and an aid in creating new opportunities whether it be amongst strangers, colleagues, or friends. In addition to this, gratitude tends to have a ripple effect so you can start a chain reaction of happiness, appreciation, and opportunity.

What other ways do you spread the gratitude philosophy? Please click here to share your ideas, we’d all love to learn more ways to be grateful! Take care and stay connected.