A World Without Racism is Respectful

Changing Viewpoints with Respect

Our goal is to end racism once and for all. We need to learn respect for our family and cultures to be aware of how diverse our world is and what makes it lovely to live in. There are some out there that don’t agree with ending racism. They would rather promote the status quo, refusing to accept alternative suggestions that are out here, like promoting equality and ending racial discrimination once and for all. A challenge in our journey to end racism is that others have different beliefs. If we dismiss them too quickly, they will shut out any suggestions or advice we give them and they will return to what they believe, making the fight for equality harder. We need them to be in an open mindset as that would allow them to listen and respect what we are saying. If this is not a two way street, we will never succeed. 

What we need to do to help change the mindset of someone else is to first talk. We need to respect them as a person. If we fail to create mutual respect, we will never succeed in this fight against racism. We need to establish a commonality between us, like asking what some of their favorite things are. By establishing those early surface level connections, we are able to create that bond that will be helpful later on. Respect between each other is key in fighting against racism. By discussing our thought processes’ we are able to interpret our beliefs, making it easier to find solutions that help with our cause. Next, we need to elaborate on the mindset change we want to bring, which in this case would be to help end racism. If we are able to help establish connections for them and help clarify the problem, then we are most successful in fighting for equality. By explaining that we need to respect human life, as we are all human, we will have a better chance of being united in fighting for justice. 

It may seem challenging at first to respect an opposing opinion, but we need to in order to help with the mindset change we want. If we are dismissing the opinion of others, our goal will take longer and longer, making the fight against racism harder and harder. By cultivating a more equality driven mindset , we will be successful in our quest of being united as one, more powerful in our goal to end racism.

What other ways do you spread the respect philosophy? Please click here to share your ideas, we’d all love to learn more ways to be respectful! Take care and stay connected.