A World Without Racism is Inclusive

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Community Inclusion

Community inclusion is the idea that everyone should have the option to engage in a wide variety of community activities, no matter what intellectual or developmental disability or difference that they may have. Essentially the idea is for everyone to be given choices, instead of having choices made for them.

Community Inclusion Broken Down

According to an article on Community Mainstreaming, community inclusion is defined as “the opportunity to live and exist as a contributing member of the community while being valued for one’s abilities and uniqueness – regardless of disability.” Additionally, this goal encompasses the involvement of individuals across many fields including civic engagement, housing, education, employment, peer support, recreation and leisure, and more. This may look like a student with a disability being able to attend the same school they would if they weren’t disabled or similarly with adults, this could look like an adult working in a professional atmosphere that they would have if they didn’t have a disability. Essentially in this sense, the children or adults are contributing to society in a similar way that they would if they weren’t disabled.

What does an inclusive work environment look like?
  • Empowering those with intellectual and developmental disabilities to contribute to the work environment.
  • Providing proper accommodations and tools to the individual with disabilities in order for them to perform to the best of their abilities and be comfortable.
  • Creating a welcoming and inviting environment for this individual so that they feel included and as though they belong.
  • Employees without disabilities viewing members with disabilities as contributing members of a team or organization.
What are some benefits of community inclusion?
  • When everyone is able to contribute to a society it becomes richer and more wholesome. Inclusion becomes the baseline of how we interact and connect with one another. As a result, the days of exclusion and outcasting are over.
    Welcome to the time of embracing different cultures, backgrounds, interests, and abilities. When we are able to embrace everyone’s unique qualities, progress is inevitable and as a result, we can create a better environment for the next generation.
  • Oftentimes, what is truly important is that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and differences have the same options that those without these disabilities have. Traditionally, individuals with disabilities have most of their decisions in terms of options in life made for them, however, by implementing community inclusion into our society, we will truly change the lives of those affected for the better.

What other ways do you spread the inclusive philosophy? Please click here to share your ideas, we’d all love to learn more ways to be inclusive! Take care and stay connected.