A World Without Racism is Diverse

Diversity In Social Media and Technology

Diversity and inclusion initiatives support the realization that everyone is different. As we start to communicate with each other by using different platforms, social media reinforces this fact by demonstrating that we are more connected and have more in common with each other than we initially assumed. It is an opportunity for individuals to connect with people of all different backgrounds to find commonalities, to share experiences, and to solve problems in new ways. How can you achieve this? On social media, it is done through sharing one’s experience of an action that is taking place, an image that evokes different responses, or a hashtag that provokes an array of thoughts.

Sharing Experiences

These shared experiences give us a peek into what life is really like for those people who are not like us. In our day-to-day lives, we can see life through someone else’s eyes with live feeds of war, protests, government hearings, weddings, graduations, and family gatherings. Through this we develop a different level of empathy, understanding, and communication as long as we allow ourselves to take a step back and ask questions. The result of this is that we develop a level of inclusion that we didn’t have before by being present even when we physically cannot be there.

IMA Connections

With the new technology that is becoming available and social media, people from all over the world can make connections that can result in many different, positive outcomes. Social media platforms have created an opportunity for people of different backgrounds to reach out and share what they know, giving us a glimpse into the lives of people from all around the world. By engaging in this, diversity and inclusion are promoted and celebrated. Social media has given us various platforms that enable us to be more vocal on important topics in addition to being able to reach a much greater audience. When used wisely, this can lead to healthy discussions and positive solutions. Having diversity of thought allows for more inclusion when differences are seen and appreciated.

In conclusion, what we can take away from this is that in today’s society bringing people together and building positive relationships among people from different backgrounds and races is the ultimate goal for a more harmonious and loving environment in your workplace, school, community, and so forth. Social media has played a major role in bringing people together from all over the world, and it continues to do so by creating positive relationships and creating a more diverse environment in different parts of the world. A diverse and inclusive society will always bring positivity as well as a sense of belonging to everybody. At the end of the day, it will create a better experience wherever you go.

What other ways do you spread the diversity philosophy? Please click here to share your ideas, we’d all love to learn more ways to be diverse! Take care and stay connected.