A World Without Racism is Equal

Equality In A Family

Equality can start in the family and the household a person lives in. The roles that women in the household play can determine the perception of equality that the whole family preserves. In certain households women tend to hold the submissive housekeeper roles where the wife and daughters depending on their age are the ones that stay home and have the responsibility of keeping the house clean, making sure the food is done and served for the men in the house etc. The role that women play in the household, especially the wife, can depend upon the wife’s own willingness and there is nothing wrong with that as long as there is good communication and all household parties are in an agreement. The moment this can be problematic is when such roles are being forced by the husband to his wife and violence of any kind is involved in such a process.
Roles in the family are often roles that members of the family tend to decide on and communication among the family is key to make sure equality among its members is being reinforced. Unfortunately cases of inequality in the family tend to occur where the husband or man in the house forces certain roles to the women of the house based on their gender. Such roles, that women might not be happy to do but they do it because of family obligations or because they get the sense of having to do it. In such cases it is important that equality is being reinforced especially to teach children and the younger generations about equality in order to break this generational chains that tend to put women at disadvantage just because of their gender. There are several ways a family can start reinforcing equality by doing simple tasks at home and alternating them among all members such as:

o Alternate and have a different person wash the dishes.
o Have a set day where a different person has to clean the kitchen, bathrooms, living room etc.
o Have different members help with the cooking process so not only the wife does it every time.
o Rotate and have different people do the grocery shopping if possible.
o Distribute house chores among family members so everyone can do something 

In conclusion, people in the family household cannot be forced to play a role that puts them at disadvantage due to their gender, communication among families is key to make sure everyone in the family is being treated equally and everyone is happy.

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