A World Without Racism is Equal

Equity vs Equality

Although these concepts may seem similar at first glance, for minorities how each one is put into action can mean the world of a difference. According to an article published on the Milken Institute School of Public Health, equality is defined as “each individual or group of people [being] given the same resources or opportunities”, while equity is defined as “recognizing that each person had different circumstances and [being] allocated the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.” Equity may be seen as a solution to inequality, particularly in uneven social systems. However, it is important to remember that health inequities encompass more than simply the lack of equal access to resources required to maintain or advance health conditions. It also encompasses circumstances that violate fairness and human rights standards. According to the CDC, health equity is when every person has the chance to be as healthy as possible. The article even goes as far as to state that “equity is a process and equality is an outcome of that process.” Therefore, once we as a society are able to achieve equity, equality is inevitable. This is accomplished not by assuming that everyone is already equal and treating them as such, but by acknowledging that not everyone begins at the same level, especially those in marginalized communities. Once we are able to recognize this, we must then implement equity in order to begin leveling the playing field. But this must be the first step, only once this has been achieved can we create a more just society.


A key component of this implementation of equity is the appropriate allocation of resources. For instance, in the public health sector, we must, as a society, realize that those who are starting at a lower playing field than the “norm” must receive said resources first, or even receive more of them in order to achieve similar results.

This concept of equity versus equality can be tied back to the current civil rights movement. Many individuals don’t understand why marginalized communities are calling for this attention and action. In order to even begin to comprehend the concept, one must first acknowledge that not everyone begins with the same opportunities. Unfortunately, in the United States, these individuals tend to be those of marginalized communities. By focusing on said communities and utilizing equity to bring these individuals up to the level where the rest of society starts off, we will become equal as a result.

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