A World Without Racism is Equal

Gender Equality in Daily Life

A recent study showed that compared to the men in the world, women only have 68% of the opportunities, access to resources, and rights. One way in which we can work towards a more equal world is through small changes throughout our daily lives. In an article written by Giovanna Romano Sanchez, the author writes about 10 ways in which we can accomplish this.

Share the household chores.
Traditionally in American society, the woman in the house does the cooking, cleaning, and cares for the children. This perpetuates a sexist narrative. By sharing household responsibilities such as dishes, cooking dinner, changing the diapers, etc. the young ones in the house can see that both men and women can do all things, instead of having a preset standard of what one should or should not do.

Watch for signs of domestic violence.
If you or someone you know of are suffering from domestic violence or abuse – get help. These acts can be anything from manipulative and controlling behavior to physical violence. Although men also suffer from domestic violence, women are largely the ones who are victims. Become more aware and speak up when you notice that something is off, because together we will be able to raise women up, and therefore, empower them to live more independent and healthy lives.

Support mothers & parents.
When working towards equality, especially in a society like ours where men tend to be at the top of the social pyramid, one way in which we can do this is by providing general support to mothers and parents wherever we can. For example, offering your seat on public transit to a pregnant woman, or insisting that companies offer maternity and paternity leave. These small changes contribute to the greater movement for equality and ultimately create real change.

Reject chauvinist & racist attitudes.
By simply supporting organizations and companies that perpetuate sexist and racist agendas, you are therefore contributing to the problem as well. When we take a step back and truly evaluate what kind of institutions we support with our dollars and attention, this small act of consciousness ultimately contributes to a greater movement of change.

Help women gain power.
Another way to contribute to a more gender-equal society is by supporting those whose voices aren’t being heard. One way in which we can do this is by helping women achieve powerful positions so that they can use their voices & experiences to create change. This might look like voting for a woman candidate when both options appear to be equal in other aspects through your perspective.

Listen & reflect.
Everyone has an unconscious bias or stereotype, whether they are aware of it or not. When we are able to recognize our role in contributing to an unequal society, is when we are able to change our behavior in order to contribute to the greater good! By listening to those who feel that they are being mistreated by society and reflecting on our possible role, our society will become a better place overall for everyone and a difference will be made.

Through these practices of awareness and reflection, we are able to lift up those who are underrepresented in our communities, overall creating a more equal and happier world for everyone.

What other ways do you spread the equality philosophy? Please click here to share your ideas, we’d all love to learn more ways to be equal! Take care and stay connected.