What other ways do you spread generosity in your daily life? Please click here to share your ideas.


Daily Life

Daily life is full of opportunities to be generous. As discussed in another blog post, small generous acts can make a substantial, positive impact on someone’s day. Generosity means giving freely to others without any expectation of return. Generosity not only benefits the recipient, but also the giver. 

An article from lifeoutofthebox.com, lists some of the benefits of generosity. The website states that generosity can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress, help you live longer, and boost your mood. Anybody can reap the benefits that generosity provides. 

Practicing generosity comes in the form of generous actions. In addition to discussing the health benefits of generosity, the article lists some examples of how to be generous. One can be generous in daily life by:

  • Helping to cook or by serving meals at a homeless shelter near you. Another tip on reducing food waste while being generous, is to give a homeless person unwanted restaurant leftovers.
  • Visiting a nursing or retirement home. Oftentimes, residents of nursing homes don’t get to see family members as often as they’d like. When visiting elders in these homes, you not only help them feel fulfilled, but you can also learn from their vast wealth of knowledge. 
  • Starting a fundraising page so that you can bring change and join the fight against poverty. Fighting for those who are less fortunate can be tremendously rewarding.
  • Hosting a neighborhood cleanup cookout. Bring together people from all over the neighborhood together in a park and beautify it. Not only would you be uniting the neighborhood in a common goal, you would have a chance to mingle with people you may not ordinarily see.


Daily Life

From the list provided on lifeoutofthebox.com, it is clear that generosity does not need to be a monetary exchange. In addition to this list of ways to be generous, there are many other ways to give time to strangers who may need it. This could mean holding a door open or letting someone cut in front of you in line at the grocery store. There are unlimited ways to be generous toward others in daily life, so try to see how many you can do today!


What other ways do you spread generosity in your daily life? Please click here to share your ideas, we’d all love to learn more ways to spread generosity! Be generous. Take care and stay connected.