A World Without Racism is Generous

Generosity Toward Strangers

We often show generosity towards our friends, family, and loved ones, but we do not seem to share that same level of generosity towards strangers. If we want to end the division that we have in our world, we need to show generosity to strangers and members of our global community overall, otherwise, the division we see today will still be present. Showing generosity to strangers allows us to grow as people due to the fact that it encompasses other related characteristics such as also showing kindness and respect. Generosity is not something like a switch, that can be turned off and on, instead, it is a trait that is developed, cultivated, and grown over time. You can develop generosity towards strangers by bestowing upon them the same level of generosity you show your family and friends. 

This is easier than it seems, in fact, you most likely have already shown some acts of generosity towards strangers without even knowing it! Some examples include:

  • Being charitable: This is a generous act towards strangers, and it is fairly straightforward. Your donations to charity drives, Goodwill organizations, and local religious centers all help strangers you don’t know that are in need. They will be very grateful for the act of generosity you have provided. Even such a simple act of generosity will help heal the world we live in, where division and hatred lingers, to become a better place. 
  • Lending a helping hand: Helping out at service projects or community events is a great way to show generosity to strangers. These types of projects allow us to develop bonds within the community and will improve our relations with each other and help us grow as a society. Community projects and service projects also allow us to meet strangers and even become good friends with them. These projects allow us to devote our time to charitable causes that benefit our communities and teach us to be selfless. By participating in these acts of generosity, we are providing future generations a standard to look up to. According to a UC Berkeley study, when younger children have a positive role model, they build the trait of generosity earlier in life than those who don’t (UC Berkeley). Be the role model the future generation needs – show generosity. 


The great thing about generosity is that it yields a chain reaction and spreads like a wildfire. Once started, this chain reaction of generosity is hard to stop. For instance, holding the door for someone is a simple act of generosity that at face value, does not seem impactful, but once someone will start it, it spreads to others to a point where everyone will do it. Try it out for yourself. When going to the next public event, hold the door open for someone, then see if they will do so for the next person and the next. 

Generosity is not something you can decide to do off and on, it is something you gradually develop and become consistent in. Showing generosity towards strangers is a great way to close the division we see in this world and the division that stops us from ending racism once and for all. So the next time you see someone in need, and you don’t know them, lend them a hand. That generosity will make their day and will spark a chain reaction that will better our world and help end racism.

What other ways do you spread the generosity philosophy? Please click here to share your ideas, we’d all love to learn more ways to be generous! Take care and stay connected.