A World Without Racism is Generous

Generosity Within A Family

As we all know, a family is the foundation for many of the crucial aspects that children learn. As such, it is very valuable to teach the concept of generosity to your children within your family as well. Generosity is not limited to just financial aspects, and as such we can, and should, start to teach children to be generous early on. It is not necessary to have an income to be generous, and our income shouldn’t hinder us from generosity. The only limit that generosity truly has is ourselves: our mindset and our character.

Children learn by example, so it is important for us to show them what being selfless and generous is, instead of just trying to teach them verbally. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Parents can teach their children to be generous with their belongings, for example sharing their toys with their neighbors. We can also portray generosity in terms of being generous with our time and attitudes towards others.

Generosity is something that isn’t limited to just giving to those in need, it is something much more than that. Generosity comes in many different forms. It can be shown by giving people words of encouragement, it can be shown by listening to others, sometimes you can extend generosity to someone simply by understanding them.


We should teach our children that they can stop and think of others, listen to others, and so forth to show their generosity. Listed below are some ways you can help teach your children generosity:

Children can learn to be generous with their time by giving up their leisure time to serve others. This can be done by them taking the neighbors dog out on a walk, mowing the lawn for someone else, or even simply playing with a younger sibling.

Giving strangers flowers just to lighten up their day.

Help them share their treasures. If there is a friend of your child that really admires your child’s toy, your child can practice generosity by giving the friend that toy. A more simple way to do this is to go through the toys, books, and clothes your child has and create a donation pile. This way your child can see that there are other people who can benefit from these items much more.

Making some cookies with your children and bringing them to the local fire station for the staff to enjoy.

Spending the day volunteering at the soup kitchen.

What other ways do you spread the generosity philosophy? Please click here to share your ideas, we’d all love to learn more ways to be generous! Take care and stay connected.