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Generosity at Work

For most of us, going to work is not always a fun or exciting experience. It often ends up being something we have to get through to make a living. That being said, practicing generosity within the workplace may help it become a more enjoyable environment for you and your coworkers. Most people think that skills such as drive, intellect, and leadership are essential for a business to be successful, however, according to Harvard Business Review, generosity is one of the critical skills associated with business success. If you are in a leadership position and show generosity in the workplace, your employees will want to work harder and be more willing to pick up extra tasks. If you are an employee showing generosity in the workplace, your boss will notice, and they may keep you in mind for the next promotion. Your coworkers will also respect you more and want to return the generosity you show them. When everyone practices generosity in the workplace, it not only creates a more productive environment but a place where people are excited to show up to work and put in their best effort.

Here are some ways that you can show generosity in the workplace:

  • Give your time: Be present in your interactions with people. Be there to help them if they need assistance with a task, be punctual to meetings, be a trusted confidant, and so forth. When you show up for your colleagues, they feel appreciated.
  • Bring treats to work: Who doesn’t love a midday pick-me-up during the workday? If you bring in a box of donuts or cookies for your coworkers, they will be grateful and appreciate your generosity. 
  • Give Encouragement: Sometimes, things at work don’t work out in the way we wanted them to. By being there to encourage your coworkers to keep going, will help them a lot and raise their mood. In a recent survey, 79% of employees said that recognition in the workplace boosts their productivity and encourages them to work harder. 
  • Give your skill: It’s always good to learn something new and keep your skill sets fresh. If you offer to help your coworkers with a new skill, they will want to return the favor. This act of generosity is a win-win situation!
  • Share information readily: Similarly, don’t hoard information. It makes you seem selfish and power-hungry. Keep your team posted on what’s happening and what you have learned. Make sure everyone always has the information they need to work effectively.

What other ways do you spread the generosity philosophy? Please click here to share your ideas, we’d all love to learn more ways to be generous! Take care and stay connected.