A World Without Racism is Grateful

Gratitude At Work

Gratitude is not a word that immediately pops into one’s mind when you think of a work setting, but it is definitely something that should be present. Overall, gratitude can lead to deeper connections with people in the job place and to a deeper connection to the work that you are performing daily. It is important to make sure your gratitude is not superficial, but that it is genuine. It is often a tendency to say thank you for things that people do or to show appreciation when someone completes some task, but there are other forms of appreciation that should take place. You can appreciate your coworker coming in with a smile and bright attitude coming in to work, you can appreciate the person at your job that you can rely on asking for help, or you can appreciate the person that makes you laugh on your hardest days. Simple things like this, which are encompassed in the day to day aspects of work, should show gratitude towards others as well. You can show gratitude in these types of aspects by verbalizing it or if you are the one in charge you can let them leave early or have a longer break and so forth.

Another added benefit of gratitude is that it relieves stress. As a result, these positive emotions and feelings of happiness then translate into increased engagement and productive interactions at work. A study found that when leaders show gratitude, employees are fifty percent more successful. This means that through gratitude, leaders and employees receive benefits. In addition to this, gratitude creates a positive impact on company culture. Nowadays people want a job that is more than simply a job, but something that is worthwhile and enjoyable to them as well. When you practice gratitude within your workplace this can be achieved and reinforced. Employees are more than just a workforce, they are people.

Similarly, gratitude builds relationships. Due to the fact that gratitude is beneficial to both parties, it can strengthen your relationships with others. Through gratitude, you can express that that person or their actions are meaningful to you and that you appreciate it. Keep in mind though that everyone is unique and different. As such, there is no single way to show gratitude that fits everyone. For example, one person can thrive off of being acknowledged as an employee of the month and being put on the pedestal so to speak while another simply needs to hear personal words of affirmation.

Below are several examples by which you can show gratitude:

  • Getting a coworker a cup of coffee or a candy bar to show that they are appreciated and as a way for you to show your gratitude.

  • Writing a thank you note and leaving it at your coworkers work place for them to read and enjoy.

  • Having a reward system within the company so that workers feel appreciated and recognized and so that the leaders can have a way to express their gratitude.

What other ways do you spread the gratitude philosophy? Please click here to share your ideas, we’d all love to learn more ways to be grateful! Take care and stay connected.