A World Without Racism is Kind

Kindness to Animals

When thinking about kindness, the mind often automatically goes to showing compassion to our fellow humans. This is wonderful and beneficial, however, what about showing kindness to “man’s best friend?” 

Pets provide so much benefit to humans on a daily basis. Although they don’t have the same responsibilities as others in a household, they are still important members of the family: emotional support, encouragement for active living, reasons to laugh and smile, the list goes on. Although you may not hear the words of gratitude from your pet for your efforts, making a kind gesture to your pet, another person’s pet, or animals in general can make a huge difference. 

Doobert, a website for dialogue regarding animal rescue and treatment, offers suggestions for how to go the extra mile for both domestic and wild creatures. The list includes:

  1. Give a special treat or engage in a favorite activity with your pet
  2. Pick up your pet’s poop, and pick up that which other owners left behind from their own pets
  3. Make sure that your trash makes it into a trash can – don’t litter
  4. Take care of a friends or family member’s pet when they need to be away
  5. Purchase extra pet supplies and gift them to owners in need
  6. Bring stray animals to their owners if possible, or bring the animal to a shelter
  7. Store treats and water in your car 
  8. Adopt a shelter pet
  9. Foster a shelter pet
  10. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  11. Donate to an animal shelter
  12. Create a bird-friendly backyard
  13. Transport adopted animals between shelters and homes
  14. Reach out to authorities if you observe animal cruelty
  15. Visit, make donations, and be involved with zoos and aquariums that provide high-quality services for resident animals


No matter your resources or time restrictions, you can still make a difference in an animal’s life.

Animal Reiki Source offers additional ideas, including purchasing products from companies that guarantee the ethical treatment of animals or no testing on animals, giving a gift or offering a kind gesture to animal shelter employees, getting involved with or donating to a feral cat spay/neuter organization in your area, purchasing ocean-friendly products, participating in athletic events that support animal shelters and related programs, and not disturbing wild creatures in their habitats.

By taking care of and showing love and gratitude to our pets, we say thank you for the joy that they bring into our lives. By making intentional eco-friendly choices, we respect and honor the glory of nature and the creatures that bring it life and sustain it. Like all acts of kindness, a little effort can go a long way.

What other ways do you spread the kindness philosophy? Please click here to share your ideas, we’d all love to learn more ways to be kind! Take care and stay connected.