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Listening in the Classroom

Listening when you are in the classroom is very important because what you learn in the classroom is applicable to daily life, and can help you tremendously in the future. We are all taught many things in the classroom that many of us still use today, and we can say that they have helped us be where we are today. From learning about history, math, English, geography, another language, and so forth there is at least something that has helped us figure out our career choice and/or influenced how we live life today. The experiences we have had in the classroom helped us figure out what we like and what we decide to leave out of our lives since we do not find it applicable or interesting. Listening in the classroom can be a mundane task for many people, especially middle and high school students, but if the teachers interest the students in a topic and make it exciting and easy to comprehend, then the classroom becomes an amazing learning experience.

Listening in the classroom enables a person to become interested in a topic, which in turn they might then choose to follow and pursue learning more about potentially influencing the rest of their life. They will go to college to be in classrooms that for the most part will focus on educating them about topics that they want to learn more about and help them in their chosen careers. Classrooms are an amazing opportunity for learning and growth because every classroom you enter will give you the opportunity to learn something new, and in turn, it might grow to interest and influence you greatly. 

Classrooms are settings that are trying to promote learning and with that coupled with people who want to learn cultivates a spectacular experience. When you listen in a classroom you should always try to stay focused and come out of it with new knowledge, potentially even taking away one or two things that interest you. Without classrooms, it would be harder to create an environment for people to listen and learn in because in other settings people start being more distracted, and as a result, they do not end up listening as well which inhibits their ability to learn new things.

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