A World Without Racism Listens

Listening About Others' Cultures

Listening to other people’s cultures is an amazing experience. You get to learn more about how a group of people live their lives and come to the realization of either them having a way of life that is either entirely different from yours or it is similar with just some differences. There are so many cultures in the world today that most people have no idea the extent of how many there currently are today. It would be beneficial to people to listen about other cultures because it helps people see the world differently than they did before. Some people live in a bubble and never broaden their experiences to know how others around the world live or how they do things. Listening and expanding one’s knowledge about other cultures should be something everyone does at some point in their lives with at least a couple of other cultures to learn and try to understand their way of life and gain an appreciation for it as well. 

Back in school we learned about many cultures that were or are still in present-day Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, and South America and listened about how they lived their lives and how their culture works and does things. Nowadays there are not many people that want to listen and learn about other cultures because it either has nothing to do with them, they are uninterested, or they have other interests. As such, it is crucial to at least implement this type of education within school programs to broaden people’s horizons. 

The cultures that are around the world currently are all unique in their own way and even though they are all different, the way they are all living their lives works best for them. That is what makes every culture beautiful and special. Even though many people do not care for other cultures or do not agree with them in certain aspects, you still need to listen to people and their cultures and appreciate it for what it is and come out of the experience with a key takeaway from that culture.

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