A World Without Racism is Respectful

Respect Towards Friends

When people think about qualities they like in friends, most think trustworthy, nice, funny, etc. But respect is an extremely important quality to have in a friendship. We have all experienced when a friendship goes south because mutual respect is not shown in the relationship. Respect allows the friendship to be sustainable long term and keep both parties happy. When we take time to get to know someone on a deep level, the friendship bond that grows is strong and can last a lifetime. We can do various things for our friends that show respect, such as throwing them a party or baking them a cake for their birthday. Not all gestures of respect have to be extravagant or expensive. For example, you could take a couple of minutes each week and take turns listing things you like and admire about them. This shows them that you actually care about them as a person and value what they have to say. 

Here are some easy ways you can show respect to your friends:

  1. Support your friends- Never stop believing in your friends, even when they are struggling to believe in themselves. Encourage them when they need support or an extra push. For example, help them study for a test when they are struggling with it on their own.
  2. Never forget your friend’s birthday- Buy them a gift that feels personal or write them a nice note. This shows that you care about them and want them to stay in your life for a long time.
  3. Listen to them- This a great way to show respect to your friend, because people feel respected when they are listened to. Listen to their joys, fears, dreams, etc. Be attentive and offer advice if it seems appropriate.
  4. Respect boundaries- Make sure they know that you are always there for them, but unless you are asked to help, don’t insert yourself in a friend’s issues. Don’t be a drama queen when they ask for your help, this is not about you, it is about your friend. Boundaries in relationships help keep it healthy and intact.
  5. Affirm your friends- When we affirm someone, we show them that they matter. They are important and worthy of respect. To do this, notice something positive about them and verbalize it to them. For example, “I always look forward to spending time with you” or “I admire how you handle difficult situations”.

What other ways do you spread the respect philosophy? Please click here to share your ideas, we’d all love to learn more ways to respectful! Take care and stay connected.