A World Without Racism is Respectful

Respect Within The Workplace

Respect is a very important feeling that everyone deserves and should show to other people. Respect in the workplace is necessary because it creates an environment of trust and communication. Respect in the workplace can also have a host of other benefits as well, ultimately improving the wellbeing of everyone in the workplace.

An article from legacycultures.com discusses the role of respect in the workplace and why it should be central to all businesses. Respect in the workplace is described as a manifestation of dignity towards people. Respect should be shared by all employees, no matter what their position in the company is. Unfortunately, respect is not always shared in this way. Often, upper level employees treat lower level employees as lesser than themselves. While respect should be incorporated into the workplace, it is important to note that expressing respect is not equal to expressing admiration. It is perfectly fine to have little admiration for a fellow employee, but it does not mean that they deserve any less respect.

Respect in the workplace provides a lot of tangible benefits to employees and employers. It is widely known that respect reduces stress. An employer that manages workflow for an employee to help limit stress can demonstrate respect toward that employee. Respect also allows for increased productivity and collaboration. When workers are not stressed, they can accomplish tasks more efficiently. Respect among workers also means they are more likely to actually work collaboratively. This lack of stress and collaboration greatly improves employee satisfaction, which helps reduce turnover. Respect for employees in this context creates a fair environment, where everyone feels valued and equally capable of fulfilling the goals of the company and themselves. 

Understanding all of the positive reasons why respect in the workplace is beneficial and needed is very important, but one must also have a strategy on how to create a workplace environment filled with respect. An article from syndeohro.com discusses the importance of respect and lists several ways to demonstrate respect in the workplace. Here are some examples:

  • Treat people how you would want to be treated — with kindness, courtesy and politeness.

  • Encourage other coworkers to share their valuable ideas.

  • Actively listen to others. Never interrupt or put in your two cents before they’re finished.

  • Use other people’s ideas often to increase productivity and efficiency.

  • Don’t insult people or talk behind their backs.

  • Don’t nitpick, micromanage, criticize or demean others.

  • Be aware of your tone, your body language, your expression and your demeanor during all interactions. Some people can detect the slightest hints of what seems like disrespect, even if you aren’t aware of it yourself.

  • Treat people the same no matter what their race, religion, age, etc is. All people you interact with should be treated equally.

  • Include all necessary coworkers in meetings, lunches, and after work activities. Provide an equal opportunity for employees to participate in committees or improvement teams.

  • Always praise more than you criticize.

  • Encourage employees to give praise to others where needed.

Everyone should try to show respect in the workplace because everyone deserves respect so long as they are putting in the work and time when they are in the workplace.

What other ways do you spread the respect philosophy? Please click here to share your ideas, we’d all love to learn more ways to be respectful! Take care and stay connected.