A World Without Racism is Inclusive

The Benefits of Inclusiveness

The benefits of implementing inclusivity into any atmosphere are immeasurable. They can range anywhere from humbling individuals to educating them. Although inclusivity can be carried out in any area of life, it is a great place to start doing so in the lives of children and in professional settings.



In terms of inclusivity for children, there are numerous benefits. The first being that when they learn to be inclusive, they are learning to accept others. This is especially important when looking at children in special needs programs. Oftentimes, kids get scared when they see another child who looks or acts drastically different than them. Although this fear is natural, we must help today’s youth understand that there is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. Everyone is different and unique in their own ways, whether psychically, mentally, or otherwise. When we are able to teach children that there is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of, they will come to accept those who are different from them, whether they are familiar with those distinctions or not. When institutions designed for children are more inclusive, such as by offering programs for those with special needs, children are able to have more opportunities to socialize and grow in ways that wouldn’t be possible if they were isolated.

Some specific benefits for children with or without special needs engaging in inclusive organizations include:

- Friendship skills

- Peer models

- Problem-solving skills

-Positive self-image

- Respect for others

- Positive domino effects that lead into their family lives


In terms of the workplace, there are many main benefits that work in the favor of both the employee and consumer. First, having an inclusive environment within an organization has proven time and time again to be good for business. Experts have estimated that by 2050 half of the United States’ population will be people of color. Firms with inclusivity as a core value have been proven to have higher productivity, lower turnover, greater employee morale, higher job satisfaction (particularly among individuals of color), increased innovation and creativity, decreased vulnerability to legal adjustments, and improved quality of personnel through greater enlistment and retention. Additionally, these firms have improved problem-solving capabilities company-wide as well as organizational flexibility and the ability to learn from one another across all levels. The benefits across any organization are extensive, and always offer room to grow.

Whether implementing inclusivity into the lives of children or your organization, the benefits for both those involved and those affected are sure to spread positive change.


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