A World Without Racism is Equal

The Youth & Their Role Regarding Equality

       We can work towards providing equality for everyone by teaching it to kids as they enter our schooling system for the very first time. Creating a solid, morally good, foundation for young kids to start from is very important. Educating young people about equality will help them to respect and celebrate differences among their peers. The respect and knowledge that kids gain from these lessons can help them make the most of their lives, and empower them to try to be better human beings. This isn’t only confined to the classroom however, after learning these lessons at school they will take them into their homes and their community at large, resulting in a healthier, happier culture overall. In turn, this can lead to reductions in bullying, as well as other unwanted behavior..

      Parents can also help teach equality at home by showing their kids content that promotes equality. An example of this could be watching tv shows, cartoons, or movies that show people who are different from them while promoting the message that they are valid and strong. Making sure children see this representation of different social classes, races, nationalities, and cultures in media is especially important because then they will start to understand that diversity is normal in this world. Having open conversations with your child and explaining some of the concepts that they see at school and on TV is extremely helpful in getting them to understand what equality is. Not limiting your children’s activities based on gender stereotypes is also another way many parents can teach equality because children should be allowed to play with whatever they want. It will help them to develop different kinds of skills depending on what they are playing with. Long gone are the days when cars were just for boys and dolls for girls.

        Children can also be taught about equality through reading. There are a large number of children’s books that teach valuable lessons about this topic, and some of them are also part of the standard classroom curriculum, so it would be very easy to implement this step into a child’s life. Starting early is especially important in order to create a strong foundation – one that the child gains interest in as they grow up. It is also important that kids are taught about the history of discrimination and the laws that have been passed in order to create a more equal society for those who have been discriminated against the most. Laws such as the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975, the Race Relations Act of 1976, or various equality regulations that were set up in the early 2000s are prime examples. All in all, children are the key to creating a better society. It is crucial to start working with them at a very young age to teach them what equality is and to raise a generation that not only believes in equality but lives in it.

What other ways do you spread the equality philosophy? Please click here to share your ideas, we’d all love to learn more ways to be equal! Take care and stay connected.