Why Diversity?

Many of us wonder why understanding diversity is important. It is due to the fact that diversity comes attached to many things, and diversity gives us the opportunity to broaden our knowledge. Diversity can be thought of as different people with different backgrounds in one community engaging with one another. When we think of diversity we often associate it with people who have different genders, ethnicities, and races. We are constantly interacting with different people whether it is at home, at school, or in the workplace, as such, diversity, and what that knowledge comes with, are something we all should learn more about.

A few reasons why learning diversity is important include:

Reduce Discrimination and Racism

Growing up, our parents teach us what their parents taught them in addition to the new learnings our parents have gained while living their life. Typically, we are taught our own culture, and never really learn much in regards to other cultures unless school teaches us or we take on the task to learn about it ourselves. Learning about diversity will help reduce discrimination and racism. Being aware of different races, ethnicities, or traditions will help us to be knowledgeable and not look bad by accidentally discriminating against others. Discrimination tends to occur when we aren’t aware of the background the person comes from, meanwhile, racism is a connection with discrimination. It all plays a part together in the sense that both occur when we aren’t aware of diversity and are not open to inclusivity.

More Colorful Life Experience

Being aware of diversity will make you want to interact with more diverse people. Diverse people have different backgrounds from us and different stories of life. It is great to always listen to their insight in life or what they do differently from what we are accustomed to. The first step is speaking with a diverse selection of people and really listening to them to help us learn from them and gain an understanding for their way of life. 

Building a More Balanced World

We all have different viewpoints. As mentioned earlier, diverse people have different backgrounds and we all think differently and have different opinions towards certain things. A world with diversity gives us a well-balanced opinion and perspective to be able to understand where others are coming from and come to agreements.

Diversity brings so much to the table, many of us don’t realize how our lives change each day by interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. Diversity changes the way we think, the way we see things, and even teaches us new things. So, it is important to know why diversity in the world exists and to implement it into our lives.