A World Without Racism is Respectful

Why Is Respect Important?

We all know that familiar saying: treat others the way you want to be treated. This simple notion has been taught to us from a very young age as it was something implemented in our elementary school teachings and even earlier than that for many by their parents. The way we treat people reflects our true characters. Though it is often thought that respect is something that needs to be earned and that you can’t expect someone to be nice to you if you are treating them badly, it is important to remember that you should still treat others with respect no matter how they act though it may be harder to do so. It is also taught that you speak in a formal, respectful way to anyone who is older than you. According to Kids Helpline, “respect is the glue that holds your relationships together.” Respect provides long-lasting friendships and relationships with our family members. We don’t often think of respect because it is something we have been taught by parents and becomes second nature, but sometimes it is beneficial to take a step back and reflect upon how you are being respectful and if you are given respect. When someone doesn’t show respect to another it expresses that they don’t value them as a person which means that they are discriminating against them. Respect is the start for many things. Respect shows a friend or a family member that they are safe sharing their opinions. Respect expresses that you accept that person for who they are. Respect builds trust between you and a friend or family member. Respect helps your well-being. Respect is essential for healthy relationships with anyone. Respect begins with yourself. You should always respect yourself for the person you are. Accept who you are. If you don’t respect yourself, how will you respect others?

Simple ways you can teach someone respect and express to them why they should be respectful are:

•Be Kind

We don’t know what a person is going through, sometimes if a person replies to you in a grumpy manner, your kindness can radiate and make their day better

•Be Polite

Being polite to others will create an expectation for the other person to treat you politely as well.

•Be Thankful

Always thank a person for the efforts they make. It is a sign of respect, and it shows you appreciate that they took time out of their busy day.

• Be Accepting

Accept yourself and others. Respect who you are as a person and value who you are. Respecting yourself first will make it easier for you to know when a person is respecting you. Also, make sure that you accept others for who they are.