A World Without Racism is Equal

Working Towards Racial Equality

When looking across all racial groups in the U.S, the majority of them have found that working with community members is the most effective tactic to increase racial equality. This can be done by bringing the community together to talk about racial equality and hosting community bonding activities that help bring awareness to racial inequality. Either way, through community involvement people will start to understand the challenges minorities in the U.S face on a daily basis.

Movements such as the Black Lives Matter Movement are a good first step. In 2016, there were many Americans who never heard about the Black Lives Matter movement, but with the death of George Floyd and the protest that took place in May and June of 2020, that understanding has changed and the message has become clear. Movements like these serve as a good first step in understanding and developing solutions to end racial inequality. Simply supporting just the movement isn’t as effective as community actions taking place, but it is seen as being effective to promote an understanding which is the first step to tackle racial inequality.

We have a long way to go before reaching full racial equality, but we have steps we can take today that can help create a path so that living in a world where racial inequality exists is a thing of the past. We have to work with our community members to start the discussion on racial equality and carry out actions against racial inequality. We have to just do more than just support movements like the Black Lives Matter movement, such as volunteering for organizations like the NAACP – which help with black and minority legislation in order to help decrease racial inequality. We need to take that first step in order to live in a world where racial inequality does not exist.

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